Exodus 14: 13 And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today, For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.”

There is no time set on how long a person should take to transform from any kind of their past, as we cannot measure the depth of each one scars except our own. Even though the storms attack us internally and leaves the damages in the public display, let that strengthen you to continually rebuild yourself. It is expected that when you start to transform, the forces of negativity will intensely fight you to break down. Sadly, some loses the courage and do not comeback from the fall, while others with tenacity will fight off the devil who will attempt to imprison them into darkness.


Abusers are not all physically strong people, but individuals that are intimidated by your positiveness, using manipulative strategies to capture their victims emotionally and mentally. And they do that quietly, and cunningly blinding their victims. They are enemies with the mission to kill your dreams, blocking you from discovering your talents, skills, and capabilities. Even though one would dream of freedom, an abuser becomes that slithering, wicked enemy coercing you to see no future without them. You will live under captivity, submissive and make no decisions of your own. Deviously, the abuser works oblique to overpower your strength so that you can focus on your weaknesses and be dependent on him/her.  

Let us remember that the Israelites were oppressed for 400 years in Egypt (Genesis 15:13), worked as slaves under the command of the Egyptians, building the economy of Egypt (Exodus 1:11). Although the Israelites were physically strong and multiplying (Exodus 1:8), the shrewdness of the Egyptians, however repressed them to be mentally incapacitated to adhere to the guide of Moses. Why?

“For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.’

When we are free and taking steps to rebuilding ourselves, low self-esteem buries us to believe that we do not deserve anything better. We then see ourselves incapable of successfully managing new positions, because we do not believe that we are leaders. We struggle to spiritually relate to our blessings. Insecurities become this negative feeling chanting in our minds purposely for us to see ourselves not smart enough, and bold enough to handle big roles (Numbers 13:28). We do not think that it is possible for us and even God to patiently work on us.

In our disbelief what do we do?

Urges control us to act foolishly and become ignorant of any advice and feel better off to handle life in our own ways. In our trounce, (Israel defeated in battle Numbers 14: 39-45) we then become angry at our mistakes and judge ourselves harshly. We become these clumsy individuals fearing our tomorrow, muddling today as we are attached to the experiences of yesterday and not committing to any goal (Numbers 16 Korah’s rebellion). We become impatient and anxiously aggravate and challenge our support.

Remember that, after the passing of Joseph, the Israelites were then treated as minors, decisions were made for them, and they never sat in any position of authority. After four hundred years of serving the Egyptians, God was re-establishing Himself and transforming them by renewing their minds. The 40 years journey was to transform them spiritually, to daily transition from the slave mentality to the leadership roles, by developing them to adapt to the new systems (the Ten Commandments Exodus 20: 1-17). They needed to be spiritually strong, emotionally intelligent, and mentally savvy, as they were developing good governance, structures, and laws on how they will manage their Promised Land.


When you are no longer dragging your hurtful past life, and capable of managing your emotions and mind, you are then confident enough to build good relations. These relations are systems that are daily enlightening you to be leaders that are selfless and thinking of the livelihood of humanity, and nature. So, when we are free from captivity, we then need not be afraid of ourselves. Our big roles and responsibilities may seem heavy and big, and we need to handle them even though we are scared.  The daily process to gradually work on our new roles changes our belief.  When we believe that we were chosen for the purpose, we become giants humble and achieving the goals we never thought we could.  Because we will never be in the presence of our captors again.  

The enemy studies your mind and see the cracks that are not sealed, issues that are leaking not resolved and used them. These issues have negative emotions and feelings. So, when you dwell on those emotions and feelings, you are then recreating your future, because everything you create is manifested first from your mind. The enemy does not want you to move forward in life to grow and make changes in your life. If you can turn all those negative emotions and feelings as your strong points, then you will be able to take advantage of your weaknesses? When you embrace your insecurities as your focal points, closing the ears from the world then you can conquer the past. Because accepting the things you cannot change about yourself and embracing them in the world that is looking for perfection, then your imperfections can successfully take you far. In a way we do not have to try too hard.

We can win to achieve our goals, but when we do not, we can win by finding another way to overcome our adversities. In other words, we are winners regardless.



10. Love Strengthens Relationships

Proverbs 29:1 “He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing”.

Mirrors are every household essential, commonly used for grooming before anyone leaves the house. They are also used to accentuate the space to make a room appear brighter; feel open and airy.  Mirrors are known for reflecting images of objects within its angle, they do not show things that could be there without them. Like for instance a vehicle, will have side view mirrors that help a driver see images behind, sideways, and outside the drivers’ marginal vision; as well as the rear-view mirror that reflects objects behind the vehicle. The driver ensures they adjusts them to get enough exposure suiting his/her height and seat position. And ensures a good upkeep to averts hurdles on the journey. The cleaner and functional the mirrors are, the clearer the vision of the images are reproduced.  


How we emotionally and mentally treat ourselves, is reflected on how we connect with others. The relationships we have with others, be it romantically, business, family, or friends, will mirror our internal energies, whether positive or negative. Negativity often leads to uncertainty of continuing with relationships. Depending on how the individuals feel, some are likely to simply end it, while some will excitedly wake up to hope and reconcile.

Reconciliation means starting over, instilling positive mindset in a person. A positive individual radiates positive energy, that solidify the relations they have with other individuals. The more they give their absolute best in what they do, with love, the more they receive abundant unexpected opportunities. Elevating them to higher steps of growth in all or some areas of their lives. That is why some couples age together until death, Businesses thrive, Families support each other, And friends stand by each other.  Love becomes contagious intently to revive hope in hopelessness.

Relationships are systems, like in business. A success in the business is measured by its intended outcomes. That originate from identified inputs/investments, and the processing that communicates how the investment is used to meet the concrete results. If there is any chaos in the flow, results are likely unacceptable, resulting to deterioration in business cycle, negatively affecting other segments in the Law of Oneness (livelihood of humans, animals, or the environment). Hence some countries get affected by economic decline, rating them negatively in doing business, exposing their weaken governance structures.


Pharaoh the king, governing over all the land of Egypt. Accountable for the wellbeing of all in Egypt and working with his seconds-in-command (wiseman, officers, sorcerers, magicians, taskmasters and foremen). We are shown how the livelihood of humans, animals and land was well managed by Joseph, before and during the famine (Genesis 41:41-56; Genesis 47: 13-25).  And how he reaffirmed that trading during famine, does not decline the economic growth of Egypt. Positive leadership roles were portraited by Pharaoh under the guidance of Joseph, the second in command, enabling other nations to trade well with Egypt.

“I will harden his heart”.

Pharaohs’ successor, the self-impeached king

Leaders has advisors, and honest advisors are mirrors reflecting the truth, to ensure the management of any operation becomes a success. It is possible that those in authority can be blinded by their positions and ignores any advice (Exodus 5:15-16). Additionally, leadership can be weakened when the assistance, are as blind as their masters. Like Pharaoh’s magicians, used their secrete arts to perform miracles with intentions to humiliate, discourage, and dishearten Moses and the Israelites to doubt God.  In their blindness they incited Pharoah’s stubbornness, as he was taking pride by demeaning God. Blindly he never realised that his hardened heart was slowly crippling the business systems negatively impacting on the economy of Egypt. One plague was enough to negatively affect other parts of systems’ framework in the economy.

For instance, “Water turned into blood”. Water is a source of life in the ecosystem that needs to be conserved, to feed on other systems. Fishing industry was crushed (and the fish in the Nile dies, and the Nile stank… Exodus 7:21), and nourishment of humanity was affected (and all the Egyptians dug along the Nile for water to drink, for they could not drink water from the Nile. Exodus 7:24).


Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”.

Inflexibility is like slowly submerging us into our graves. It slowly builds our egos and infuse our outlooks to bitterness, grudge, or jealousy but quick to build fears, anxiety, and doubts. And we are all not immune or sheltered from Karma to not take its place, as its purpose is to transform us not to harm us. However, our pride blinds us to our hurtful downfall (Exodus 14: 28 “The waters returned and covered the chariots and the horsemen; of all the host of Pharaoh that had followed them into the sea, not one of them remained”).

Could Pharoah, have freely released the Israelites right when negotiations commenced? Was he so hard-headed, that he did not observe the damages he was leaving behind? Could he not have turned back when he saw the Israelites crossing the Red sea. Was that not enough for Pharaoh to surrender and go back home to face the consequences of his choices? Could it be that he realised very late the wreckage he caused in Egypt? Could it be that the loss of his son, shamble of Egypt fuelled so much bitterness, jealousy, and pride to rather self-dethrone in the Red sea than to be judged? Was he that much hurt and saw no hope but to rather die in the Red sea?

I believe that God loves us enough to show us that all those negative behaviours that Pharaoh had, are behaviours that we have and can transform. As you are in motion of moving forward, you can only see of what you leave behind from your side view and your rear-view mirrors. Even what is coming your way from behind to alert you and prepare you on how you can navigate safely. Images from behind will appear as close and clear for you to humble yourself and start to rebuild yourself. Mirrors are those who stand by you, support you and motivate you. They are your truth teller send by God to warn you and show you your mistakes. We fight them and crush them and choose to rather journey with damaged or misplaced mirrors, because they are afraid to kill our pride. It is easy to stick with those who will tell us lies, as they avoid awakening our fiery temper. While we continue exposing others to unsafe conditions causing more damages and destroying relationships.

A pride is a choice we take, we choose to cowardly run away than to redeem ourselves. We choose to rather fake our outlooks than to plead for mercy and unmask. But we can choose to be proud of ourselves when we step into our transformation journey and be the best versions we can be.

It starts with me.

May God Bless Us All