16. Well, You Have Outgrown the Wilderness

Joshua 1:2 “Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan you and all this people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the people of Israel.”

This Is for You, Yes You.

Well, you have outgrown the wilderness and have come a long way. Just like the pupa that naturally transforms and grows to a butterfly inside the chrysalis, it outgrows the space as it reaches its final stage of incubation. It then cracks open the chrysalis to fully emerge to an adult butterfly.

You have come a long way and have transformed your life. You moved up and left it all behind, the grumbling, defiance, impatience, anxieties, doubts, low self-esteem, arrogance, procrastination, self-sabotage, bitterness, pride, stubbornness, etc. All that dead weight of negative past pains you kept alive that locked out your opportunities. It is all in the past. The mind is no longer conflicted, and the heart is no longer troubled.  Even though you may have fallen countless times, you got up and stood tall and reached your light. You learned a lot about yourself. You know yourself on a much deeper level. And you truly see why you had to go through the journey. The hardship that you endured, the lonely days, the tears you wiped alone, but you pulled through anyway and continued to show up. You have stopped working haphazard, and foolishly publicizing your dreams prematurely. You are now discipline, focused, determined, and keeping your cards tight to your chest. You may have not reached your destination yet, but you have achieved great milestones that have been propelling you to your biggest goal. Be proud of the changes you have made so far. You have done it.

Now you understand and accept that your purpose is bigger than you, and you cannot do it alone. Without a doubt, you truly know and appreciate the work that God had already done. God has prepared a team of mentors, leaders, and supporters that have already walked their paths paving the way for you. At the right time, you will cross paths with them if you do not quit. You can now easily identify who is or is not with you. All those ravenous wolves in sheep’s skin are no longer part of your life. You are now not easily swayed, blindsided, and misled. The “naysayers” are gob smacked with disbelief to see you sprouting in adversities. The hurdles you jump, the mountains you climbed, and the valleys you crossed, no one believed you could make it.  They were certain you will fail. In fact, they bet on you failing and quitting. Look at you, you have grown, and have matured.

You hid in the dark while pushing others ahead. No more leading from the sidelines. The stand is prepared and is prepared just for you. Be a Leader you were born to be.

Light the way!!!

Thank you.

Keeping the vision alive is how we can overcome the hurdles we encounter in our transitional passages. We saw the Israelites surrendering all and showing up thoughtfully incorporating the new ways to their day-to-day life. Finding out that the burden was no longer heavy. They were now slaves of righteousness. 

The time came for Israelites to cross over the river Jordan “Joshua 1: 2 (“…arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people…”) and be closer to their destination. They were no longer departing in fear (Exodus 12:33) nor going out defiantly (Exodus 14:8). They crossed in harmony respecting and following their leaders (Joshua 3:3-4).  And one can only reach that stage when they cooperate and be in harmony with themselves first and with others in all areas of their lives.

I feared letting go of control. I doubted my choices and questioned my motives. It was fear that led me to be controlled by urges. I asked myself many times if I was doing the right thing. What was going to be different this time, I asked? There were times I asked, “why me? “I mean, was there no one better than me?  There were church goers and well astute people who have already established themselves. In my mind, God was just going to twig few nuts and bolts in them. There I was, needed all kinds of tools and a team of labors. The amount of time and attention to work on me. You know what? God saw what I did not see in me. That, there was still life left in me, a tiny spark He ignited to His liking. It was time to come out of the grave.

Therefore, God is encouraging you to be kind to yourself. Love yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically and be in harmony with others. Appreciate the partners He brings forth with different skills, experiences to grow your vision. Respect the role each team member plays. Unity opens bigger doors of opportunities and strengthen teamwork. When you flock with your kind, you can withstand obstacles and continue to climb to achieve new greater heights. You will know you have matured when you reflect on your achievements as a team without blowing your own trumpet. Giving praises to God who made it all possible for you and laying no claim to yourself. Here is our God flexin’ His glory, showing us that when we are united, pliable, and cognizant our journey becomes peaceful.

Move forward, you’re closer to your dreams.

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