17.  An Hour Is Coming and Is Now Here.

John 12 verse 35 Then Jesus told them, “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light before darkness overtakes you. Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going.

New beginnings are slowly emerging. The passion you apply to the work you love brings more positive results. Your focus is to gradually bring out all that God kept hidden within you. Your life is more meaningful, and your purpose is manifesting right before your eyes.

The Israelites crossed the river Jordan and encamped in Gilgal. Finally, their dreams were within their reach but occupied by those that God was about to overthrow.  The dream that took 40 years to build was coming to fruition. This was very disheartening and tormenting to the occupants of Canaan. For many years the Canaanites lived in profanity and perversion.  Lured into diabolic activities. Sacrificing their children to appease their evil deity and worshiping different gods.  Yet the land continued to flourish with milk and honey.

What was leading the Canaanites to continuous wicked acts? When we are children, we are oriented to a certain way of doing things in our homes and social groupings. We are presented whilst young with routines and adapt to them. We learn behavioral communication that influences how we expressed ourselves among others and the situations we face. Our elders lead us to their belief system of whom we should spiritually worship and adhere to their rituals (Deuteronomy 11:19). This is the handing over of their norms and what they hold value for the next generation to continue maintaining as they believe it is the gateway to the future and a better life. Then the cycle continues to the next generation. However, as we evolve, we are then enticed to explore new territories that alter the habitual system (Genesis 4:19 Lamech took two wives). This then drives us to modernize, advance, and transform from one societal grouping to a new one. There could be some good or bad influences that affect us to make some changes in how we used to do things. Changes could be beneficial or not, depending on how one is affected by them.

Let us go back to the Canaanites who were speechless, worried, and ashamed from knowing that the Israelites have finally arrived. They must have felt intimidated, humiliated, and puzzled to hear and see the multitude with a different belief system confident in their God. These people are worshiping their God in plain sight without shame and appreciate the presence of God in their lives. When you are certain about your choices nothing should faze you.  However, the fear drove the Canaanites to utter distraction resulting in them to hid and locking themselves in. There was this evident difference between what was good and bad. Could they perhaps question themselves why they continued with their wickedness? Were they blinded by the continuous gain of material and power and saw no reason in changing? Considering the number of years, it took for the Israelites to journey in the wilderness and many years before the exodus. Forty years alone feels like a lifetime to wander in the wilderness. Who would have thought that the day would come for the Israelites to even be camping in Gilgal? Let alone, they are now eating the harvest they did not labor for it.

God could have released the Israelites to a different land. And let them work building their land to be flowing with milk and honey. But He is showing us that many are already blessed.

Could our misunderstanding of knowing our authenticity result in our fall (Matthew 4:9)? A fall that we cause by neglecting what we are born with while chasing what is momentary (Genesis 25:29-34). Could it be that by not believing in ourselves and not knowing the opportunities our gifts could bring once pursued, we lessen their worth and rather hide them (Matthew 25:24-25)? Could it be that our continued success has blind us to believe that we achieved it all through our might (Daniel 4:29)? Could our impatience control our urges to misuse our blessing and enforce our destinies by rushing to betray others and take what’s not ours (2 Samuel 11)? Could it be since our God is slow to anger (Psalm 145:8), we see corruption increase and those entrusted with positions of authority abusing the law, as they continue with their unceasing fraudulent and unruly acts (Isaiah 47:10)? Unaware that we are tainting our truthfulness and entrapping ourselves in corrupt and evil acts of greediness while parading what is perishable to gain societal prominence (1 Timothy 6:9).

With love

I believe that God loves us enough to bless us with countless chances of making changes in our lives. You know, I never knew how I have been blessed to hear a morning clock. I never knew how precious it is to be given one more day. No matter how smart, or powerful we think we are, we still depend on God. He allowed us to hear this morning clock and see this day’s beautiful sunrise one more time. So, when we show up regardless of what we are going through, keep in mind that many have not. We need not “wait for the right time” as we are only guaranteed this moment of this day to rewrite our stories. Glorify God. Show up to this day mindful. Your positive energies will attract solutions to our daily activities. Work on your goals while the daylight is still clearing your path. Remember there are many paths to explore. However, we stand to lose it all and fall hard from our pedestals if due diligence is not exercised in whom we spiritually invest ourselves. I encourage you all to find it in your heart to give God praises every for the new day and let Him lead the day. Devote yourself to Him, He will gracefully bring forth all that you will need for the day. It is our responsibility to ensure that once we declutter and can identify our uniqueness, we work on that blessing until it blossoms. 

Cultivate Your Blessings To Life

It Is Now Here


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