When God blesses you with opportunities you are not emotionally and mentally equipped for. You blew them up and your clumsiness wreck them. He then builds that hunger in you for wanting to be blessed again. This time He allows you to work for them. You start to uncover yourself. You learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses. As you learn all these new changes, your journey becomes enjoyable. You gradually improved with time and determination and can handle your blessings maturely. And your relationships whether it’s work, with friends, family, or romantic starts to see some light. You are now mindful that the old ways will not open the doors to your blessing. Those new doors have new paths, keys, and ways of exploring them.


What do walls mean to you?

Joshua 6 records that the Jericho gates were locked down. No one was allowed to come in or go out. God cautioned the nation of Israel in the book of Leviticus 18 to not fall into temptations and live as the Canaanites did.  The people of Canaan were living in profanity and perversion. Participating in sinful acts behind those Jericho walls.

Walls could also mean that: are covers we build, believing we are protecting ourselves from being emotionally harmed. Behind those walls, are piles of past painful experiences that we continue to resuscitate. It is a chaotic world of confusion, pain, anger, jealousy, hatred, and all sorts of negative feelings. The mind is at war with itself. The sad reality is that we will desire a stable life. However, will fear living out of our cages and feel embarrassed to work on ourselves.  We then manipulate and seduce those we love so they can see the world through our eyes, displaying the things we have as magnetism. These luring satanic behaviors are to gain control and inflict fear in them, and force them to accept us as we are. This is the identity one carries to their workplaces, homes, and among their peers. The manipulation will continue and thrive on those who are vulnerable, whilst hiding their insecurities. These people are too judgmental,and are not afraid to throw cold water on your plans, or downplay your achievements. The relationship with them is always under threat of ending.

These people are controlled by a lack of confidence and intimidation. This then traps them into wanting endless validation, recognition, and assurance through their conniving acts. The constant validation that boosts their ego carries on burying them under the false façade. There is no peace in those residents as one constantly wants to be valued. A short span of praise, and attention they receive. Though others would reach a tipping point and journey on self-awareness, some would not.   Instead, seeing that time passes by and losing a grasp of reality, they intensify their behaviors in more hellish ways. The reckless behaviors that eventually would lead to their downfall. This is what we all fail to be cognizant of, is that, pride is like many balls stacked on top of each other, it has no legs. What a great fall, that humiliates and tarnishes one’s image causing one to cowardly shy away.

As you hide, you emotionally shrink deeper into darkness, and your walls appear taller. One will fight off showing feelings of kindness, humility, empathy and or even guilt. Hence some find it hard to forgive or apologize. They are afraid of being vulnerable and showing their weaknesses or remorseful acts. The past painful baggage has brewed so much bitterness and arrogance in them. Deeply this emotionally breaks them painfully. They feel afraid to have deep introspection and rather opt to start new somewhere. They move with all that baggage to their new relationships and the cycle continues.

But we have a living God who can transform us and make us new people. It is recorded in the book of Genesis 2: 25 that: “the man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed.”

This takes me back to the topic I previously published called, “WE ARE LIVING IN THE COLORS OF LOVE”. I shared about child-like minded qualities.  The qualities that the man and his wife portrait before they were tempted. They were naked and not ashamed. If we can fast-forward to where Adam is responding to God in Genesis 3:19 saying “I heard the sound of You in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, and I hid myself.” Adam and Eve both saw that they were naked then they sewed the fig leaves and made themselves loincloths to cover their shame.

“Themselves” could indicate that:

  • They were trying to fix the damage on their own before God saw it or before they Go to Him,
  • They took the easy way by hiding their flaws. The self serving temporary solution,
  • They had already judged themselves and felt not worthy, or
  • They saw their mistakes as heavy and became selective about what God could help them with,
  • They were ashamed to face deep-rooted problems and tell all to God.

One careless mistake caused them to lose their employment, home and relocate to start over somewhere else. Both their insight and instinct were distracted. It is possible that both wished they could turn back the clock. But what we are shown here is how God was elevating them, when He took them out of an easy life to where they could identify their trueness. Still, God made them much better clothing before He sent them out of Eden, covering their shame. Remember that Genesis 1:26-27 states that God created them in His own image after His likeness. They had God’s traits in their genes spiritually. And this was much more explored out of Eden. The journey began for them out of Eden to identify their uniqueness, strengthen their insight, and strive against all odds. But mostly to depend on God. The shift in their lifestyle was for them to live the word of God openly.

When you stand in front of your mirror bare, you see your frame.  You see things you do not like about yourself. You measure your appearance against those the world calls “perfect.” You are strategic in ways you could hide what you perceived as “flaws.” It is not easy for you to accept yourself. You feel much more confident when you cover yourself with layers and layers of things.  Your deeper connection with yourself weakens as you focus more on your outer appearance. Keep in mind that, there are those whom God did not bless with sight. They do not see what the world looks like, or their physical appearance. They depend on the guide as support to navigate into this world you and I are blessed to see. The blind use more of their insight, instinct, and intuition. They depend more on the other sensory receptors to identify and understand their surroundings. They reflect deeper and more connected with their inner selves and they live without shame. They do not hide because they are not as privileged as you are.

If we can go back to Genesis 2:25: saying that the man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed. And try to and align it with when Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 “Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. The kingdom of heaven belongs to those who portray childlike-minded qualities.:  They are not ashamed and lay bare all their mistakes to God. They believe and depend entirely on God. They obey orders and speak the truth. They believe in themselves and appreciate who they are. They learn to listen more than they talk and are not afraid to ask questions with a trust that God will answer. Whatever they plan they consult with God first to guide them. And share all their achievements with God first. They forgive and hold no grudges. They are kindfriendly, and selfless. Just as the child is towards their parents, God wants us to strengthen our relationship with Him and give God all the glory He deserves.

More importantly, God wants to help us strengthen our inner spiritual world, our intuition our nature to have a deeper connection with Him.Because, God is spiritual and Jesus Christ attests to this in John 4:23-24 when He said “But the hour is coming and is now here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit.”  

God encourages us all to rebuild our spiritual inner world, to break off those walls we hide behind. He wants us to have no barriers between us and Him.

Love the new you because your false facade has fallen off.

Love the new you!!



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