Strengthen Your Instinct, It Is Your Nature.

Joshua 6:5 “… then all the people shall shout with a great shout, and the wall of the city will fall down”

When you are closer to the finish line, and anything that could go wrong does. And you feel like hell is raging toward you. Take a pause for a short while right where you are and revisit your strategy while recharging all your batteries. This new phase of your life will need you physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. When you feel powered up, I encourage you to give it one best shot.  Give it all your strength and spare nothing.

A time came for the Israelite to march around the Jericho walls. We see the unity in the children of God marching around the Jericho walls. These walls are in Part 1 described as an emotional barrier, a hiding place, and a temporary solution to problems.

But now- let us try to symbolize them as obstacles blocking your treasure and aiming to drain your strength. It is those bitter conniving, ruthless, Judases attempting to pull you back. Those who went through the back door to try and grab everything. Trading their lives with the dead, jumping steps to gain power. It was not difficult for them to go down to the deepest, darkest hell just to receive all the earthly recognition. As they saw that you were getting closer, getting wiser, and cooperating they strike with intentions to completely destroy you. The comfort they had thriving on your downfall. Darkness was triumphing over your setbacks. So long you were derailed and discouraged, evil rejoiced. Even though the storms left damage in the public display you moved along and gained the strength to flow into those new terrains with a smile. Although you would not wear your pain, you focused on your purpose believing in God. Because you remembered your God who was with you in captivity, took you to transformation training, and progressed you to cross the Jordan river.

Evil was happy to see you in an unfortunate situation. Not knowing that while you took a pause in the new terrain, you did your research looking for growth opportunities. Not seeing that you went back to your plans, trusted your gut, and made some changes. And started to tackle those changes quietly, building consistency depending on and trusting in God.

Remember the Israelite who marched around Jericho city every day for six days with the same approach Joshua 6. On the seventh day, they rose early, at the dawn of day, and marched around the city, in the same manner, seven times. Remember that at the seventh time, suddenly, a surge of God’s grace, mercy, and glory unexpectedly floods them with blessings they did not even think they could acquire. Hell, tremble in disbelief as they were certain it is the end of you. No one saw it coming. Keep in mind that, If the Israelite could march around the city, then they could have passed through. However, the intention was not to break off the walls and leave the city with its people and assets. The Bible is telling us that Joshua made an oath at that time saying “Cursed before the Lord for the man who rises up and rebuild this city, Jericho (Joshua 6:26). The intention was to destroy the city and take nothing devoted to destruction, but only silver, gold, and every vessel of bronze and iron to go to the treasury of the Lord as it was holy to the Lord (Joshua 6:19).

These are the treasures that were acquired through evil acts, where people bought their way up, rushing to be elevated and gain power. Even though they were trying to suppress you in ways they were certain could work. God somehow kept on elevating you in areas where no one was looking. God kept lifting you up, calling your name in places and offices you did not think of. Somehow things started to fall into place, you received opportunities you never thought of.

My dear sisters and brothers, let us remember that arising and rebuilding ourselves to align with a world that has transformed only requires we take each step diligently, and continue moving forward. When God elevates you to higher positions with those that have already worked hard. He does so to provoke you and be prudent. It may feel intimidating, but God knows you have received adequate training for your new phase. God knows you are ready and have the drive to bring in new things. As you rise, God wants you to strengthen your intuition. Start trusting your instinct, it is your nature. Build your inner world with prayer and meditation actively. There may be obstacles on the way, but they are momentary for us to look at within our lives. They may seem stubborn, but you need not lift your finger but raised your intuition. If we had no obstacles in life, what else could look stubborn as Jericho’s wall for us to break through? There could be minor improvements you are alerted to make in how you emotionally, spiritually, or mentally relate to either your finances, career, or your relationships. When the odds are against you, that is the time you march and continue to march, praising God and working. Remember what God said in Joshua 1:3 Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you just as I promised to Moses. Hence God elevated you in areas where no one was looking. You now hear that your name is mentioned and recommended in places and offices you did not think of.

May I encourage you once more to give it one best shot, using every resource at your disposal with all your strength?  

You Are Unstoppable

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