Strengthen Your Instinct, It Is Your Nature.

Joshua 6:5 “… then all the people shall shout with a great shout, and the wall of the city will fall down”

When you are closer to the finish line, and anything that could go wrong does. And you feel like hell is raging toward you. Take a pause for a short while right where you are and revisit your strategy while recharging all your batteries. This new phase of your life will need you physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. When you feel powered up, I encourage you to give it one best shot.  Give it all your strength and spare nothing.

A time came for the Israelite to march around the Jericho walls. We see the unity in the children of God marching around the Jericho walls. These walls are in Part 1 described as an emotional barrier, a hiding place, and a temporary solution to problems.

But now- let us try to symbolize them as obstacles blocking your treasure and aiming to drain your strength. It is those bitter conniving, ruthless, Judases attempting to pull you back. Those who went through the back door to try and grab everything. Trading their lives with the dead, jumping steps to gain power. It was not difficult for them to go down to the deepest, darkest hell just to receive all the earthly recognition. As they saw that you were getting closer, getting wiser, and cooperating they strike with intentions to completely destroy you. The comfort they had thriving on your downfall. Darkness was triumphing over your setbacks. So long you were derailed and discouraged, evil rejoiced. Even though the storms left damage in the public display you moved along and gained the strength to flow into those new terrains with a smile. Although you would not wear your pain, you focused on your purpose believing in God. Because you remembered your God who was with you in captivity, took you to transformation training, and progressed you to cross the Jordan river.

Evil was happy to see you in an unfortunate situation. Not knowing that while you took a pause in the new terrain, you did your research looking for growth opportunities. Not seeing that you went back to your plans, trusted your gut, and made some changes. And started to tackle those changes quietly, building consistency depending on and trusting in God.

Remember the Israelite who marched around Jericho city every day for six days with the same approach Joshua 6. On the seventh day, they rose early, at the dawn of day, and marched around the city, in the same manner, seven times. Remember that at the seventh time, suddenly, a surge of God’s grace, mercy, and glory unexpectedly floods them with blessings they did not even think they could acquire. Hell, tremble in disbelief as they were certain it is the end of you. No one saw it coming. Keep in mind that, If the Israelite could march around the city, then they could have passed through. However, the intention was not to break off the walls and leave the city with its people and assets. The Bible is telling us that Joshua made an oath at that time saying “Cursed before the Lord for the man who rises up and rebuild this city, Jericho (Joshua 6:26). The intention was to destroy the city and take nothing devoted to destruction, but only silver, gold, and every vessel of bronze and iron to go to the treasury of the Lord as it was holy to the Lord (Joshua 6:19).

These are the treasures that were acquired through evil acts, where people bought their way up, rushing to be elevated and gain power. Even though they were trying to suppress you in ways they were certain could work. God somehow kept on elevating you in areas where no one was looking. God kept lifting you up, calling your name in places and offices you did not think of. Somehow things started to fall into place, you received opportunities you never thought of.

My dear sisters and brothers, let us remember that arising and rebuilding ourselves to align with a world that has transformed only requires we take each step diligently, and continue moving forward. When God elevates you to higher positions with those that have already worked hard. He does so to provoke you and be prudent. It may feel intimidating, but God knows you have received adequate training for your new phase. God knows you are ready and have the drive to bring in new things. As you rise, God wants you to strengthen your intuition. Start trusting your instinct, it is your nature. Build your inner world with prayer and meditation actively. There may be obstacles on the way, but they are momentary for us to look at within our lives. They may seem stubborn, but you need not lift your finger but raised your intuition. If we had no obstacles in life, what else could look stubborn as Jericho’s wall for us to break through? There could be minor improvements you are alerted to make in how you emotionally, spiritually, or mentally relate to either your finances, career, or your relationships. When the odds are against you, that is the time you march and continue to march, praising God and working. Remember what God said in Joshua 1:3 Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you just as I promised to Moses. Hence God elevated you in areas where no one was looking. You now hear that your name is mentioned and recommended in places and offices you did not think of.

May I encourage you once more to give it one best shot, using every resource at your disposal with all your strength?  

You Are Unstoppable



When God blesses you with opportunities you are not emotionally and mentally equipped for. You blew them up and your clumsiness wreck them. He then builds that hunger in you for wanting to be blessed again. This time He allows you to work for them. You start to uncover yourself. You learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses. As you learn all these new changes, your journey becomes enjoyable. You gradually improved with time and determination and can handle your blessings maturely. And your relationships whether it’s work, with friends, family, or romantic starts to see some light. You are now mindful that the old ways will not open the doors to your blessing. Those new doors have new paths, keys, and ways of exploring them.


What do walls mean to you?

Joshua 6 records that the Jericho gates were locked down. No one was allowed to come in or go out. God cautioned the nation of Israel in the book of Leviticus 18 to not fall into temptations and live as the Canaanites did.  The people of Canaan were living in profanity and perversion. Participating in sinful acts behind those Jericho walls.

Walls could also mean that: are covers we build, believing we are protecting ourselves from being emotionally harmed. Behind those walls, are piles of past painful experiences that we continue to resuscitate. It is a chaotic world of confusion, pain, anger, jealousy, hatred, and all sorts of negative feelings. The mind is at war with itself. The sad reality is that we will desire a stable life. However, will fear living out of our cages and feel embarrassed to work on ourselves.  We then manipulate and seduce those we love so they can see the world through our eyes, displaying the things we have as magnetism. These luring satanic behaviors are to gain control and inflict fear in them, and force them to accept us as we are. This is the identity one carries to their workplaces, homes, and among their peers. The manipulation will continue and thrive on those who are vulnerable, whilst hiding their insecurities. These people are too judgmental,and are not afraid to throw cold water on your plans, or downplay your achievements. The relationship with them is always under threat of ending.

These people are controlled by a lack of confidence and intimidation. This then traps them into wanting endless validation, recognition, and assurance through their conniving acts. The constant validation that boosts their ego carries on burying them under the false façade. There is no peace in those residents as one constantly wants to be valued. A short span of praise, and attention they receive. Though others would reach a tipping point and journey on self-awareness, some would not.   Instead, seeing that time passes by and losing a grasp of reality, they intensify their behaviors in more hellish ways. The reckless behaviors that eventually would lead to their downfall. This is what we all fail to be cognizant of, is that, pride is like many balls stacked on top of each other, it has no legs. What a great fall, that humiliates and tarnishes one’s image causing one to cowardly shy away.

As you hide, you emotionally shrink deeper into darkness, and your walls appear taller. One will fight off showing feelings of kindness, humility, empathy and or even guilt. Hence some find it hard to forgive or apologize. They are afraid of being vulnerable and showing their weaknesses or remorseful acts. The past painful baggage has brewed so much bitterness and arrogance in them. Deeply this emotionally breaks them painfully. They feel afraid to have deep introspection and rather opt to start new somewhere. They move with all that baggage to their new relationships and the cycle continues.

But we have a living God who can transform us and make us new people. It is recorded in the book of Genesis 2: 25 that: “the man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed.”

This takes me back to the topic I previously published called, “WE ARE LIVING IN THE COLORS OF LOVE”. I shared about child-like minded qualities.  The qualities that the man and his wife portrait before they were tempted. They were naked and not ashamed. If we can fast-forward to where Adam is responding to God in Genesis 3:19 saying “I heard the sound of You in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, and I hid myself.” Adam and Eve both saw that they were naked then they sewed the fig leaves and made themselves loincloths to cover their shame.

“Themselves” could indicate that:

  • They were trying to fix the damage on their own before God saw it or before they Go to Him,
  • They took the easy way by hiding their flaws. The self serving temporary solution,
  • They had already judged themselves and felt not worthy, or
  • They saw their mistakes as heavy and became selective about what God could help them with,
  • They were ashamed to face deep-rooted problems and tell all to God.

One careless mistake caused them to lose their employment, home and relocate to start over somewhere else. Both their insight and instinct were distracted. It is possible that both wished they could turn back the clock. But what we are shown here is how God was elevating them, when He took them out of an easy life to where they could identify their trueness. Still, God made them much better clothing before He sent them out of Eden, covering their shame. Remember that Genesis 1:26-27 states that God created them in His own image after His likeness. They had God’s traits in their genes spiritually. And this was much more explored out of Eden. The journey began for them out of Eden to identify their uniqueness, strengthen their insight, and strive against all odds. But mostly to depend on God. The shift in their lifestyle was for them to live the word of God openly.

When you stand in front of your mirror bare, you see your frame.  You see things you do not like about yourself. You measure your appearance against those the world calls “perfect.” You are strategic in ways you could hide what you perceived as “flaws.” It is not easy for you to accept yourself. You feel much more confident when you cover yourself with layers and layers of things.  Your deeper connection with yourself weakens as you focus more on your outer appearance. Keep in mind that, there are those whom God did not bless with sight. They do not see what the world looks like, or their physical appearance. They depend on the guide as support to navigate into this world you and I are blessed to see. The blind use more of their insight, instinct, and intuition. They depend more on the other sensory receptors to identify and understand their surroundings. They reflect deeper and more connected with their inner selves and they live without shame. They do not hide because they are not as privileged as you are.

If we can go back to Genesis 2:25: saying that the man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed. And try to and align it with when Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 “Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. The kingdom of heaven belongs to those who portray childlike-minded qualities.:  They are not ashamed and lay bare all their mistakes to God. They believe and depend entirely on God. They obey orders and speak the truth. They believe in themselves and appreciate who they are. They learn to listen more than they talk and are not afraid to ask questions with a trust that God will answer. Whatever they plan they consult with God first to guide them. And share all their achievements with God first. They forgive and hold no grudges. They are kindfriendly, and selfless. Just as the child is towards their parents, God wants us to strengthen our relationship with Him and give God all the glory He deserves.

More importantly, God wants to help us strengthen our inner spiritual world, our intuition our nature to have a deeper connection with Him.Because, God is spiritual and Jesus Christ attests to this in John 4:23-24 when He said “But the hour is coming and is now here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit.”  

God encourages us all to rebuild our spiritual inner world, to break off those walls we hide behind. He wants us to have no barriers between us and Him.

Love the new you because your false facade has fallen off.

Love the new you!!


17.  An Hour Is Coming and Is Now Here.

John 12 verse 35 Then Jesus told them, “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light before darkness overtakes you. Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going.

New beginnings are slowly emerging. The passion you apply to the work you love brings more positive results. Your focus is to gradually bring out all that God kept hidden within you. Your life is more meaningful, and your purpose is manifesting right before your eyes.

The Israelites crossed the river Jordan and encamped in Gilgal. Finally, their dreams were within their reach but occupied by those that God was about to overthrow.  The dream that took 40 years to build was coming to fruition. This was very disheartening and tormenting to the occupants of Canaan. For many years the Canaanites lived in profanity and perversion.  Lured into diabolic activities. Sacrificing their children to appease their evil deity and worshiping different gods.  Yet the land continued to flourish with milk and honey.

What was leading the Canaanites to continuous wicked acts? When we are children, we are oriented to a certain way of doing things in our homes and social groupings. We are presented whilst young with routines and adapt to them. We learn behavioral communication that influences how we expressed ourselves among others and the situations we face. Our elders lead us to their belief system of whom we should spiritually worship and adhere to their rituals (Deuteronomy 11:19). This is the handing over of their norms and what they hold value for the next generation to continue maintaining as they believe it is the gateway to the future and a better life. Then the cycle continues to the next generation. However, as we evolve, we are then enticed to explore new territories that alter the habitual system (Genesis 4:19 Lamech took two wives). This then drives us to modernize, advance, and transform from one societal grouping to a new one. There could be some good or bad influences that affect us to make some changes in how we used to do things. Changes could be beneficial or not, depending on how one is affected by them.

Let us go back to the Canaanites who were speechless, worried, and ashamed from knowing that the Israelites have finally arrived. They must have felt intimidated, humiliated, and puzzled to hear and see the multitude with a different belief system confident in their God. These people are worshiping their God in plain sight without shame and appreciate the presence of God in their lives. When you are certain about your choices nothing should faze you.  However, the fear drove the Canaanites to utter distraction resulting in them to hid and locking themselves in. There was this evident difference between what was good and bad. Could they perhaps question themselves why they continued with their wickedness? Were they blinded by the continuous gain of material and power and saw no reason in changing? Considering the number of years, it took for the Israelites to journey in the wilderness and many years before the exodus. Forty years alone feels like a lifetime to wander in the wilderness. Who would have thought that the day would come for the Israelites to even be camping in Gilgal? Let alone, they are now eating the harvest they did not labor for it.

God could have released the Israelites to a different land. And let them work building their land to be flowing with milk and honey. But He is showing us that many are already blessed.

Could our misunderstanding of knowing our authenticity result in our fall (Matthew 4:9)? A fall that we cause by neglecting what we are born with while chasing what is momentary (Genesis 25:29-34). Could it be that by not believing in ourselves and not knowing the opportunities our gifts could bring once pursued, we lessen their worth and rather hide them (Matthew 25:24-25)? Could it be that our continued success has blind us to believe that we achieved it all through our might (Daniel 4:29)? Could our impatience control our urges to misuse our blessing and enforce our destinies by rushing to betray others and take what’s not ours (2 Samuel 11)? Could it be since our God is slow to anger (Psalm 145:8), we see corruption increase and those entrusted with positions of authority abusing the law, as they continue with their unceasing fraudulent and unruly acts (Isaiah 47:10)? Unaware that we are tainting our truthfulness and entrapping ourselves in corrupt and evil acts of greediness while parading what is perishable to gain societal prominence (1 Timothy 6:9).

With love

I believe that God loves us enough to bless us with countless chances of making changes in our lives. You know, I never knew how I have been blessed to hear a morning clock. I never knew how precious it is to be given one more day. No matter how smart, or powerful we think we are, we still depend on God. He allowed us to hear this morning clock and see this day’s beautiful sunrise one more time. So, when we show up regardless of what we are going through, keep in mind that many have not. We need not “wait for the right time” as we are only guaranteed this moment of this day to rewrite our stories. Glorify God. Show up to this day mindful. Your positive energies will attract solutions to our daily activities. Work on your goals while the daylight is still clearing your path. Remember there are many paths to explore. However, we stand to lose it all and fall hard from our pedestals if due diligence is not exercised in whom we spiritually invest ourselves. I encourage you all to find it in your heart to give God praises every for the new day and let Him lead the day. Devote yourself to Him, He will gracefully bring forth all that you will need for the day. It is our responsibility to ensure that once we declutter and can identify our uniqueness, we work on that blessing until it blossoms. 

Cultivate Your Blessings To Life

It Is Now Here

15. Deuteronomy: Embedding A Sustainable Change Plan.

Deuteronomy 4: 39 “Know therefore today, and lay it to your heart, that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other.”

The Israelite reached the end of their change cycle, and they were about to start a new life completely. We see Moses in the book of Deuteronomy standing farther to the river Jordan reflecting on their 40 years journey of goals they attained, mistakes they made, and embedding in them a change plan (Commandments arranged into procedures) to carry on implementing the change. It was important that the vision and change plan was profoundly communicated for the Israelites to forecast opportunities.

Transformation is a fully progressive cycle of a journey with stages to reflect on our performance, achievements, and losses. When the cycle begins or rather when we start over again, we handle things better to never make the same mistakes again. Blessings are no longer taken for granted, time and resources are used wisely. You will even hear your peers commenting that you have changed because you have. You evolve every time you think less of who you were but more of who you can be.

It was time for the nation of Israel to look deeply within before crossing over the river Jordan and celebrating. They spent 40 years developing themselves, learning self-love, putting themselves first, studying and practicing various Laws (in Spirituality, Religion, Judicial, Social Welfares, Agriculture, Economy, etc.). They received adequate training and mentoring to ensure the smooth management of their Promised Land. They were proceeding to be “The Representatives of God, The Chosen One”. It was time to lead by example and represent God.

Who Are the Representatives of God?

In the book of Haggai 2:3, God is reflecting on how dilapidated and neglected the temple was and how in the latter days after it was rebuilt became the greatest glorious building. A temple symbolizes a house of God, a meeting place of devotion for us to be in fellowship with God. We receive an abundance of guidance, blessings, love, forgiveness, peace, and comfort when we are devoted to rebuilding ourselves and honoring God (Haggai 1:8, Malachi 3:10-12, and Deuteronomy 14:22-29). We are later taught in the New Testament how Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Law (Matthew 5:17-20) by representing Himself as the temple of God (John 3:19-22) and gave up His life for us all to be granted access to the kingdom of God (John 4:6). Which we receive when we seek Him first and follow Him. On that account Paul in 1 Corinthians 6: 9-20 broadly teaches us how we can carry on sustaining the fellowship with God, through honoring Jesus Christ by submitting ourselves to Him. In doing so we transform to be the temples of God, giving Him a place to dwell within us, worshipping Him in Spirit (John 4:24). And becoming the One in Christ representing God in us and in each other.

The fundamentals of how we can understand what it entails to be representatives of God is to first recognize what it means to be created in the image and according to the likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27). Apart from us being different in color, shape, and size we are still representing Him in human form. Blessed to be breath with His soul for us to have life and baptized with the Holy Spirit. When He dwells within us, we transform to display His traits that shape us to lead by example.

Trait 1: Choose Your Circle Wisely

Temptation usually comes in through a door that has been deliberately left open. –Arnold H. Glasow

Moses continued to read the Laws to the Israelites to strengthen their spirituality and be good managers of their New World. A representative of God is someone who does not allow anyone with different beliefs to contaminate their minds to misguide them. So, the Israelites in Deuteronomy 7:2-4 were encouraged to drive all nations in the land of Canaan to utter destruction and make no form of partnership with them. And God was preventing them from being led astray, deceived, and ending up forsaking the change plan and worshiping different gods. The Israelites were bringing in new ways of doing things to the land that has been managed differently by other nations. They have now identified their uniqueness. The true test of faith would be to implement all the lessons in the real world in your day-to-day life, in the view of the entire world. God knew a time will come for them to engage with other nations/travelers, hence He instructed them to treat with respect and love those who may take temporary residence with them. He further introduced Laws on how the Israelites and travelers should conduct themselves. A strategic move for God to re-establish Himself to other nations through the Israelites. Imagine you transformed to be this intriguing distinctive person, full of wisdom. We all run to you for advice, we get so interested and start to learn your new ways. You are now paying it forward for us to implement new ways in our home. But prior to that, the Israelites needed to look away from what was not representing their God. Just as Paul in the book of Romans 12:1-2 appeals to us to present our bodies by transforming our minds and renewing ourselves to make good judgments about our lives for us to live by the will of God. And further warns us in 1 Corinthians 15:13 “to not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals.” It is important that we surround ourselves with individuals who positively impact how we think and act. For us to reach our dreams we need to be with those who can influence our change that can gravitate us towards our goals.

Trait 2: Pay Attention to Detail

When you pay attention to detail, the big picture will take care of itself. – George St- Pierre

God is detail orientated, attentive, and strong-minded; it took Him seven days to create a whole universe (Genesis 1). And the Bible reflects a glaring detailed canvas of God’s vision board and how it will all come to completion. The Bible guides us to daily try and try again to be better. The immense detail of how the Israelites were to conduct Passover, offerings, feast, business activities, judicial procedures, social services, the places where they should have these events, time in a season and the duration, type of resources, quantities, and who shall conduct them was plainly expressed repeatedly in the Laws. Moses encouraged them to be focused and to align their thoughts, words, and actions with God. To lead by example, the Israelites needed to ensure that they do not prolong their events/ceremonies. Just as Jesus Christ completed His race on earth, kept the image of God, and never damaged His credibility. We are also strengthened to do all things without grumbling (Philippians 2:14) and be motivated to hold on and work until the end (Matthew 24:13), as we are representing God. A change plan can be sustainable when one applies discipline and continues with the routines until it becomes a norm. Let us continue to practice doing good until good becomes a habit.

Trait 3: Improve Your Financial Management

“When the purse becomes empty, the mind is full of issues.”- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

God is not a bankrupt God; we serve an abundant God. Revelations 21 reveals a new heaven new earth and new Jerusalem as Jesus’s return on investment on fulfilling His purpose. Our universe is rich with resources to continue sustaining us and generations to come if used wisely. If we can go back to Egypt for a moment, the Egyptian slave strategy, was to deprive Israel of positions of authority, where the country’s economy was discussed. The Egyptians occupied governing positions. The Israelites contributed with blood and sweat slaving to build the cities of Egypt. God trained them all economic strategies and various business management Laws. He was getting them ready to be a well-organized, faithful, and righteous Government of the Promised Land. After all, they were relocating to a rich land flowing with milk and honey. It was important that the country’s resources were professionally managed for the well-being of humanity and animals. Transformation clears our eyes; to see how clumsy and foolish we were with our blessings. Trying to fit into societal standards that have left many with damaged credit status or criminal records. And leading by example is to reflect the image of Jesus who did not squander His blessings, nor procrastinate His mission, teaching us to invest in our blessings wisely Luke 19: 16.

Trait 4: Be a good neighbor

We make our friends; we make our enemies, but God makes our next-door neighbor. – Gilbert K. Chesterton

Love starts with you, in your home, and spreads to others. The Great Commandment in Matthew 22: 37-39 says it all: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and will all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. How we emotionally and mentally treat ourselves is reflected in how we connect with others. The relationships we have with others, be it romantically, business, family, or friends, will mirror our internal energies, whether positive or negative. Moses carried on echoing to the nation of Israel to love God and their neighbor as they love themselves (Deuteronomy 6:4). It was crucial for the Israelites to come up on top when it comes to love., and to understand that it was God’s love that freed them from slavery. It is therefore important that we treat and serve others with love and humility as we would want it done to us. When we help, we must do so wholeheartedly, silently, and respect those we offer our services. The deprived and the well-off, are all created by God and the purpose is to serve one another representing God, not us. Let us remember Jesus who was welcoming, humble, compassionate, and judged not who He was serving Luke 5:29-32.

Trait 5: Take Good Care of Your Mind, It’s Your Heaven Not a Wasteland  

You are what you feed your mind. – REV. IKE LEGACY

Moses continued in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 to stress the importance of remaining faithful, obeying God, and living by God’s Commandments. By following the Laws, they will be abundantly blessed, protected, and loved. It was important that the Israelites understood that the Laws were not the backup plan but the only way they could be closer to God for them to continue to grow in faith Joshua 1:7-8. Just as Jesus Christ in Matthews 6:22 explains, if we invest in ourselves first and focus on our goals, continue to upskill ourselves, grow and expand to new territories, we then become the beaming light that vibrates positive energies. And Paul further supports us in Philippians 4:8-10 to practice mindfulness by selecting what we feed our minds and hearts and how we can sustain our faith. Therefore, learn to dig out what you have buried regardless of your age, and nurture it against all odds. Who knows, you could become a supply that the world may need.

Be mindful, the time to harvest is close by.

13. Realize Your Potential

Exodus 4:14 … “Is there not Aaron, your brother, the Levite? I know he can speak well”

Aaron, before meeting his brother in the wilderness, is described as an eloquent speaker, very influential and confident. A charming character that I would like to think was a people’s person, perhaps jovial to cope with the dire conditions of slavery.  Aaron, unlike Moses, took the new role of a messenger without a doubt (Exodus 4:30-31… “and the Israelites believed”). I do not think he ever envision that he could be part of the huge change, let alone becoming the great “icebreaker” that God also used to relax the tension, lead the negotiations, and create plagues:

  • The first plague: Water turned to blood (Exodus 7:19)
  • The second plague: Frogs (Exodus 8: 5-6)
  • The third plague: Gnats (Exodus 8:16-17)

The two brothers were together in the negotiations, supporting each other. But then in the wilderness, God separated their roles and responsibilities. Moses took his Deliverer role and Aaron was assigned to the Chief Priesthood position.

These are the moments where Aaron was supposed to be humble and thrilled, but what really blinded him.

Knowing yourself starts when you look within and be at peace with who God is in you. Winners are those who never gave up and were attentively focusing on themselves with no intention of outshining others. Jesus Christ in Matthews 7:13-15 is giving us a vision of how wide the gate to destruction is, that many of us walk through blindfolded, and running after quick success to hide our weaknesses. He further states that it is not easy to go through the narrow gate that leads us to eternal life, as it takes us to transformation, rooting out and shedding off all negative painful past.

The Israelites were imperfect emotionally clumsy children of God, which feared their blessings, and God loved them regardless. Aaron was not different, we see him making numerous mistakes, becoming arrogant, and being saved by God. Aaron is seen as a gatekeeper (Leviticus 10:10), a pathway, which carries a light of hope for the Israelites to believe in themselves and in God (Numbers 6:22-27). A Chief Priest with huge responsibilities and authority to govern the nation of Israel, the only Priest who is completely permitted to enter the Holy of Holies and to meet with God. He did not see the potential that God saw in him. He had opportunities of exploring all his possibilities of building good governing structures for their New World. Regardless of his skills and talents, he also needed to transform to use his talents for the betterment of the Israelites, not to validate his existence. If Aaron had decluttered his emotional blindness, he would have realized the strategic position he was assigned to. Instead, his focus was to appear more prominent than his brother Moses, who was taking the spotlight. Yes, Moses stayed in a palace while his brother Aaron was in slavery, and later fled after he committed a crime. A fugitive that was not much acquainted with the Israelites, comes back after 40 years as a messenger of God to deliver the nation of Israel to their new world.

Moses needed his brother, the powerful character that portrait confidence in Egypt. Instead, Aaron wasted no time to defile God (The Golden Calf- Exodus 32) right after the nation has also vowed to follow the Laws Exodus 24: 3 and 7. He further attempts to discredit Moses (Numbers 12:2). He had a choice to remind them of their blessings, the amazing wonders that God created in their sight. Likely they could have believed him as they did in Egypt. Besides, he knew them better.

When he was also discredited (Numbers 16: 3), God showed Aaron that He had chosen him as Chief Priest amongst the tribe of Levi (Numbers 17:8). Using his staff as testimony, giving him surety that he is chosen for the job. Despite all the provoking he did, God still believed in him. God wanted Aaron to be content with his position, to bloom beautifully, and not feel intimidated.

With Love

To the born leaders, who have gone through adversities that blinded their emotions and tainted their identities. When God calls your name, you must believe that your time has arrived for you to sprout out and bloom out of your grave. Arise and come out to the light. Allow yourself an opportunity to grow first, get to know you, and love you. Yes, the journey to self-discovery is a daunting emotional battle that you should not fear walking alone. Because discovering your trueness brings about the feeling of contentment. Regardless of how many times you fall, quit, self-sabotage, become apathetic or defiant towards God, He still loves you. He knows you look down on yourself, He knows you are scared, and He knows you are confused. But remember that, your talents were discounted in Egypt and not rewarded, which left you bitter, envious, and arrogant. That’s the false label you walked with for many years. Get up and walk through your transitional passage. Let your journey train you on how you can wisely use your talents and dig out more gifts you were not aware of. Be strong and keep moving forward. This time your new role is lighting the pathway for others, showing them how they can help themselves.

This is your season.

Thank You God for blessing us with chances after chances.


Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”.

When we are broken, everything standstill, colours fade, and dreams starts to collect dusts, but the ticking hands on the clock keeps turning and never stops.

A child is a highly energetic playful light-hearted spirit with a smile that exudes good healing energy to those around, they see beauty in everyone. Children are beautiful souls that are full of love, speak the truth, obey orders, and are good listeners that are ready to learn new things all the time. Children are very trusting, whatever they ask for they believe that they will receive it. They live without worry about tomorrow; their minds are at peace, they forgive and hold no grudges, and they are very kind, friendly, and selfless. Children believe they can do anything and are not ashamed of themselves. They have that innocent spirit of God, touching our hearts and leaving us with the wonder of how we have lost ourselves.

For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. The purpose of rebuilding was to declutter the dead weight of my pasts, to create a place for God to dwell and be in unity with Him: Matthew 22:21…”and give God the things that are God’s”. The past wounds that I kept alive unknowingly, were recurring, giving me the same negative results, and building more negative habits that were not easily hidden. This is the moment that was slowly removing me away from God and killing the childhood qualities in me, flooding my mind with ugly negative words of failure. Hell was a closer place with the loudest voice saying, “impossible, not you, give up, you will never make it.” I was slowly burying myself deeper and deeper into the dark cold lonely pit of masking.

“Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them”. God is calling you and me, to let go of control, worry, and let Him take the lead in our lives. He wants to bring back the child likeminded qualities that we blindly allowed the challenges we faced, to weaken them. He wants to show us that we are not alone. He wants us to be like Him, He wants to provide for us, He wants us to believe in ourselves, He wants us to feel safe in His arms, and He wants to light up our ways. There is nothing so painful as walking with a distorted mind always keeping “alert” and expecting the worst in everyone. You find yourself heavy with bitterness always ready to defend yourself, stubbornly covering yourself with tons of “keep out” concrete signs, that hide the beautiful character that God blessed you with. I had walked with that heaviness and I had learned that in as much as I thought I was good at hiding my past, nothing I had, had prepared me for what God was about to do in my life, hence I surrendered and sought Him first. Digging deeper is the toughest daily test I had ever taken. It gradually removes all inflexibility and strips off the ego. He slowly rebuilt the childlike qualities in me, daily developing myself and blessing me with the amazing wonders of being in the kingdom of heaven.


Children always have a positive mind that lights up our lives, you find yourself smiling and forgetting all sadness when you are in their presence. They give you that moment of healing clearing your way that “it is never too late.” John 1:1 mentions that- “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This is the Word in Genesis 1:26 where God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness” and further describe in Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” God is the undying Light full of everlasting love that heals our wounds of the flesh and wounds of the heart. God created us to submit ourselves to Him first, giving Him us, He willingly gives us Him, and that makes us represent Him in each other and in Him. God is our Healer that sees beauty in us all, is full of love, and speaks nothing but the Truth. He is ready always to teach us new things, He trusts Himself and believes we can do all things when we believe in ourselves. He wants us to live without worry for our minds to be at peace. He is forgiving, kind, and friendly, and holds no grudges.

We become the light selflessly lighting up for others while they light up for us, we become His voice that speaks His Word to each other in many ways. The love, healing, kindness, sympathy, compassion, selflessness, and humility your heart gives out to others brightens up their days and gives them hope. And you will receive it back more than you had done to others. Giving out positive energy and constantly praying for others even in times of sorrow heals those who are not able to pray for themselves. This is the glory of knowing that someone else you do not know is also praying for you, strengthening your heart too (Matthew 6:9 Our Father in heaven…”).

I found love, support, and kindness from people I never thought of in times of need, and God was showing me that when I let go of expectations, His great love works and miraculously creates wonders. God is saying to us that “we are not alone, we have Him and we have each other.”

It is time we become the positive beautiful co-creators of harmony and have hope, faith, and trust in God, it is time we become like children and enjoy His kingdom and be co-creators of His beauty and continue living in the colors of love. Let us forgive each other and find healing because God can work on our broken selves. We are the Change Makers breaking off the generational curses of the past.

God is calling us,

May God Bless Us All


Matthew 9: 16-17 “No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch tears away from the garment and a worse tear is made. Neither is new wine put into old wineskins. If it is, the skins burst and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.”  


When my son was in the second grade, he wanted help on the presentation of a metamorphosis of a butterfly.” Hearing the word metamorphosis left me mentally paralyzed, but knowing my son, he will find it amusing if I would ask him the meaning of the word. I was not going to let him call me cavewoman; besides, I have vague memories of my foundation phase in the class. Thank goodness for civilization, my mobile came in handy for me unnoticed. 

Metamorphosis, a word full of hope.

I want to touch on one phase of the butterfly in its transformational cycle, which was incredibly challenging for me to relate to. Chrysalis, of which to me it meant alone in transition.

“In all God’s creation, humans in the honor of dominating nature, sometimes struggle to trust their own intuition. Nature is created to respond to its transformational cycle, purely reliant on other systems. Our planet earth rotates once in 24 hours to give a full day. Those many days feed the tilting process of the planet earth to evolve to each season, leading to a full year that propels us to age one more year. When the caterpillar reaches the chrysalis phase, it mindfully searches the secure place away from harm to pupate. Inside that cocoon it slowly naturally mutates, trusting and using this moment wisely, shedding the past experiences of being a caterpillar, and striving to be better than yesterday. There is no choice of edible leaves or plants. Whatever it ate during the larva phase, has substantial nutrients to sustain it in its chrysalis period. It has no knowledge and is not worried about how it will turn out to be.”

In as much as I was dissatisfied with my life, I felt defeated and saw no hope in my dreams ever coming through. My life changed when I received a tantalizing foretaste of the life I could live, and I wanted more of it. I gave up my life, I followed Jesus Christ and He took me through the process of my transformation.

Nothing is as easy as it seems or as you hear about it, but nothing is impossible through Christ our Lord: Philippians 4:13

In the past year, I attended a training in Change Management, and I learnt about Elizabeth Kübler- Ross Grief Cycle. I must say, it was very insightful to go deep into those stages of grief trying to find myself, but particularly challenging and embarrassing to relate and accept that I was in distress. Reaching a phase of transitioning alone, became a wrestle that I lost. I found myself bargaining with God, holding on strongly to things, ways, and people He wanted me to let go of. Yes, I wanted a new life but how possible could it be in my age, background, and mistakes I made, etc. I mean my life was unstable, wrecked finances, lifeless relationships, at least I wanted to resuscitate some part of my life on my own.

What an implausible excuse of lies, let me just say it, “I did not believe in myself, and I was afraid”

Do not doubt what you have in your hands, and not once should you talk yourself out of your inheritance: Exodus 4: 2

In my first writing, “Masking is a grave”, I wrote about my emotional blindness, my excessive selflessness, and how I struggled to rescue myself. Letting go of control and accepting the cocoon phase enlightened my eyes to understand the effects of my choices. Primarily, the purpose of transitioning alone was to reflect and see the glass half-full even in that cocoon. It was to transition out of the old mindset to be the new optimistic mindful person. Formerly, I was unintelligent and misused my inheritance, negatively perceiving them as insufficient for me to initially take steps to close a gap to reach my goals. God led me to my blank canvas (Habakkuk 2:2) with the question “why was I rejecting and destroying what was given to me?” A changed mindset is immensely powerful. I looked at myself differently, with a lot of self-love. But amazingly God wanted me to look deeply into how I can emotionally relate to the blessings that were in front of me.  Firstly, I needed to begin with the most important gift we all receive, however the amount. The value of time, and the value of resources.

Was I investing towards my goals, what were the returns?

You have unlimited resource; one talent is enough to open many doors: 1 Samuel 17:49

The wilderness seems dry, deserted, and has no activities, but you never run low on essentials. It is that phase of self-introspection, devising new ways on exploiting your given time and resources, towards reaching your goals. It sheds off the old you. You daily have self-positive affirmation that changes your mind, and you work hard and continue to work until someone comes and change to improve your system (Exodus 18:13-23). It trains you to recognize, appreciate and use wisely the opportunities that comes your way. Be optimistic, allow yourself time to go through all stages of grief and transformation. Learn from your past but mostly this day, this moment is enough on its own. Do not be afraid of working alone, it gives your perspective of knowing yourself, your weaknesses, and your strengths

Metamorphosis, a word full of hope,

Filling the half-full glass is uplifting. Enjoy the journey.



Exodus 14: 13 And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today, For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.”

There is no time set on how long a person should take to transform from any kind of their past, as we cannot measure the depth of each one scars except our own. Even though the storms attack us internally and leaves the damages in the public display, let that strengthen you to continually rebuild yourself. It is expected that when you start to transform, the forces of negativity will intensely fight you to break down. Sadly, some loses the courage and do not comeback from the fall, while others with tenacity will fight off the devil who will attempt to imprison them into darkness.


Abusers are not all physically strong people, but individuals that are intimidated by your positiveness, using manipulative strategies to capture their victims emotionally and mentally. And they do that quietly, and cunningly blinding their victims. They are enemies with the mission to kill your dreams, blocking you from discovering your talents, skills, and capabilities. Even though one would dream of freedom, an abuser becomes that slithering, wicked enemy coercing you to see no future without them. You will live under captivity, submissive and make no decisions of your own. Deviously, the abuser works oblique to overpower your strength so that you can focus on your weaknesses and be dependent on him/her.  

Let us remember that the Israelites were oppressed for 400 years in Egypt (Genesis 15:13), worked as slaves under the command of the Egyptians, building the economy of Egypt (Exodus 1:11). Although the Israelites were physically strong and multiplying (Exodus 1:8), the shrewdness of the Egyptians, however repressed them to be mentally incapacitated to adhere to the guide of Moses. Why?

“For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.’

When we are free and taking steps to rebuilding ourselves, low self-esteem buries us to believe that we do not deserve anything better. We then see ourselves incapable of successfully managing new positions, because we do not believe that we are leaders. We struggle to spiritually relate to our blessings. Insecurities become this negative feeling chanting in our minds purposely for us to see ourselves not smart enough, and bold enough to handle big roles (Numbers 13:28). We do not think that it is possible for us and even for God to patiently work on us.

In our disbelief what do we do?

Urges control us to act foolishly and become ignorant of any advice and feel better off to handle life in our own ways. In our trounce, (Israel defeated in battle Numbers 14: 39-45) we then become angry at our mistakes and judge ourselves harshly. We become these clumsy individuals fearing our tomorrow, muddling today as we are attached to the experiences of yesterday and not committing to any goal (Numbers 16 Korah’s rebellion). We become impatient and anxiously aggravate and challenge our supporters.

Remember that, after the passing of Joseph, the Israelites were then treated as minors, decisions were made for them, and they never sat in any position of authority. After four hundred years of serving the Egyptians, God was re-establishing Himself and transforming them by renewing their minds. The 40 years journey of transforming them spiritually, to daily transition from the slave mentality to the leadership roles, by developing them to adapt to the new systems (the Ten Commandments Exodus 20: 1-17). They needed to be spiritually strong, emotionally intelligent, and mentally savvy, as they were developing good governance, structures, and laws on how they will manage their Promised Land.


When you are no longer dragging your hurtful past life, and capable of managing your emotions and mind, you are then confident enough to build good relations. These relations are systems that are daily enlightening you to be leaders that are selfless and thinking of the livelihood of humanity, and nature. So, when we are free from captivity, we then need not be afraid of ourselves. Our big roles and responsibilities may seem heavy and big, and we need to handle them even though we are scared.  The daily process to gradually work on our new roles changes our belief.  When we believe that we were chosen for the purpose, we become humble and achieve goals we never thought we could.  Because we will never be in the presence of our captors again.  

The enemy studies your mind and see the cracks that are not sealed, issues that are leaking not resolved and used them. These issues have negative emotions and feelings. So, when you dwell on those emotions and feelings, you are then recreating your future, because everything you create is manifested first from your mind. The enemy does not want you to move forward in life to grow and make changes in your life. If you can turn all those negative emotions and feelings as your strong points, then you will be able to take advantage of your weaknesses. When you embrace your insecurities as your focal points, closing the ears from the world then you can conquer the past. Because accepting the things you cannot change about yourself and embracing them in the world that is looking for perfection, then your imperfections can successfully take you far. In a way we do not have to try too hard.

We can win to achieve our goals, but when we do not, we can win by finding another way to overcome our adversities. In other words, we are winners regardless.



10. Love Strengthens Relationships

Proverbs 29:1 “He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing”.

Mirrors are essential in every household, commonly used for grooming before anyone leaves the house. They are also used to accentuate the space to make a room appear brighter; feel open and airy.  Mirrors are known for reflecting images of objects within their angle, they do not show things that could be there without them. For instance, a vehicle will have side-view mirrors that help a driver see images behind, sideways, and outside the driver’s marginal vision; as well as a rear-view mirror that reflects objects behind the vehicle. The driver ensures they adjust them to get enough exposure suiting his/her height and seat position. And ensures good upkeep to avert hurdles on the journey. The cleaner and more functional the mirrors are, the clearer the vision of the images is reproduced.  


How we emotionally and mentally treat ourselves is reflected in the relationships we have with others, be it romantically, in business, with family, or with friends, which will mirror our internal energies, whether positive or negative. Negativity often leads to uncertainty in continuing with relationships. Depending on how the individuals feel, some are likely to simply end it, while some will excitedly wake up to hope and reconcile.

Reconciliation means starting over, instilling a positive mindset in a person. A positive individual radiates positive energy, which solidifies the relations they have with other individuals. The more they give their absolute best in what they do, with love, the more they receive abundant unexpected opportunities. Elevating them to higher steps of growth in all or some areas of their lives. That is why some couples age together until death, Businesses thrive, Families support each other, And friends stand by each other.  Love becomes contagious intently to revive hope in hopelessness.

Relationships are systems, like in business. Success in the business is measured by its intended outcomes. That originates from identified inputs and the processing that communicates how to meet the concrete results. If there is any chaos in the flow, the results will affect the business chain system, and negatively affecting other segments in the Law of Oneness (livelihood of humans, animals, or the environment). Hence some countries get affected by economic decline, rating them negatively in doing business, and exposing their weak governance structures.


Pharaoh the king, governed over all the land of Egypt. Accountable for the well-being of all in Egypt and working with his second-in-command (the Wisemen, officers, sorcerers, magicians, taskmasters, and foremen). We are shown how the livelihood of humans, animals, and land was well managed by Joseph, before and during the famine (Genesis 41:41-56; Genesis 47: 13-25).  And how he reaffirmed that trading during a famine, does not decline the economic growth of Egypt. Positive leadership roles were portrayed by Pharaoh under the guidance of Joseph, his second in command, enabling other nations to trade well with Egypt.

Leaders have advisors, and honest advisors are mirrors reflecting the truth, to ensure the management of any operation becomes a success. It is possible that those in authority can be blinded by their positions and ignore any advice (Exodus 5:15-16). Additionally, leadership can be weakened when the assistants are as blind as their masters. Like Pharaoh magicians, used their secret arts to perform miracles to humiliate, discourage, and dishearten Moses and the Israelites to doubt God.  In their blindness, they incited Pharaoh’s stubbornness, as he was taking pride in demeaning God. Blindly he never realized that his hardened heart was slowly crippling the business systems negatively impacting the economy of Egypt. One plague was enough to negatively affect other parts of the system in the economy.

For instance, “Water turned into blood”. Water is a source of life in the ecosystem that needs to be conserved, to feed on other systems. The fishing industry was crushed (and the fish in the Nile dies, and the Nile stank… Exodus 7:21), and the nourishment of humanity was affected (and all the Egyptians dug along the Nile for water to drink, for they could not drink water from the Nile. Exodus 7:24).

If we are not cautious inflexibility will slowly submerge us into our graves. While it builds our egos and infuses our outlooks into bitterness, grudges, or jealousy (Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”.). And, we are all not immune or sheltered from Karma to not take its place, as its purpose is to transform us not to harm us. However, our pride blinds us to our hurtful downfall (Exodus 14: 28 “The waters returned and covered the chariots and the horsemen; of all the host of Pharaoh that had followed them into the sea, not one of them remained”).

Could Pharoah have freely released the Israelites right when negotiations commenced? Was he so hard-headed that he did not observe the damage he was leaving behind? Could he not have turned back when he saw the Israelites crossing the Red sea. Was that not enough for Pharaoh to surrender and go back home to face the consequences of his choices? Could it be that he realized extremely late the wreckage he caused in Egypt? Could it be that the loss of his son, a shamble in Egypt, fueled so much bitterness, jealousy, and pride to rather self-dethrone in the Red sea than be judged? Was he that much hurt and saw no hope but to die in the Red sea?

I believe that God loves us enough to show us that all those negative behaviors that Pharaoh had, are behaviors that we have and can transform. As you are in motion moving forward, you can only see what you leave behind from your side view and your rear-view mirrors. Even what is coming your way from behind to alert you and prepare you on how you can navigate safely. Images from behind will appear as close and clear for you to humble yourself and start to rebuild yourself. Mirrors are those who stand by you, support you and motivate you. They are your truth-teller sent by God to warn you and show you your mistakes. We fight them, crush them, and choose to journey with damaged or misplaced mirrors because they are afraid to kill our pride. It is easy to stick with those who will tell us lies, as they avoid awakening our fiery temper. While we continue exposing others to unsafe conditions causing more damage and destroying relationships.

Pride is a choice we make; we choose to cowardly run away than redeem ourselves. We choose to fake our outlooks than to plead for mercy and unmask. But we can choose to be proud of ourselves when we step into our transformation journey and be the best versions we can be.

Change starts with me.

May God Bless Us All


Numbers 14:31 “But your little ones, who you said would become prey, I will bring in, and they shall know the land that you have rejected.”

I have been defied by the crowd of ants invading my property. I am pounded by these creatures and somehow mystified by how they manage to be undefeated. These very tiny beings have intelligent strategies that left a message in my mind. In as much as I try to keep the house clean, and close their entries, they always find another way. In the early mornings, I would be greeted by the marching unified swarms, boldly taking over my kitchen and very determined to fulfill their mission.


Yes, and we can do it all right in all areas of our lives.  My first writing was about “Masking is a grave”, where I had given an image of being emotionally blinded. But now I want to rough through a short story of my late parents and my youth life.

Both my late parents were born from struggling families and were brought up in time of segregation. I am not going to dive deep on this as it is not about racial deprivation on good systems of making the world a better place for all. Times were tough for them to further with their schooling. So, they were forced to seek employment. They met and got married and lived an incredibly challenging life. I do not want to share their environment of each ones’ home and relationships, but I can say that “a bad painful past can become a happy story”.

This is what I observed. I saw a man that was crying but had no words to express what was troubling him. The father that wanted to do best for his family. Means were enough to offer the best he could, but in his mind, it was not meeting his expectations. The pressure of him to have not dealt with his painful past, his failed dreams, adding us (his children and his wife) was too much to bear, resulting in him leaving for some years. While I was still studying him, I looked on my other side. Here is a woman who is hurt and disappointed by his actions, the breadwinner is now hardly available. She had her own share of hurtful past, also not dealt with, and talents that never saw sunlight. She is trying to keep the house warm and be the best mother she could, but she is struggling. Her words are many to be understood, but she stayed.

And there was me, in my youth. Here is a young woman imitating what was modeled in front of her eyes. Developing to be her mother’s replica and attracting her father’s version in man. She carries her parent’s sorrows in her mind unknowingly and is experiencing her own troubles. This young woman is not only struggling in her relationships but all areas of her life. She is also caught up by the pressures of life, struggling to keep it together, and she ends up living under a mask.

The recess came to an end, it was time to come back home. The house was then filled by voiceless broken people, each one’s mind is in its war zone, hiding their true feelings and emotions, but not for long. No matter how good you think you are at hiding, your hiding place becomes smaller as you normally pile up unresolved issues. It is those past painful wounds that do not get healed. With time it gets extremely septic and ruptures to heat your urges, then the outburst of negativity surfaces.

Moving forward, I joined motherhood 15 years ago…

God gave assurance, showed faithfulness, and made Himself known to the Israelites in Egypt (end of the bad relationship through the plagues), in the Red Sea (the crossing over to the new beginnings), In the wilderness (decluttering and rebuilding). It was all for them to stay on course in their transformation from the old ways, then transition to easily adapt to the new life, by daily developing and positively actioning the new ways of living. They were physically free from oppression but mentally and emotionally chose to remain in captivity. Resistance to change is a foolish choice with results of missing the opportunities of growing your blessings, and we can do differently.

Proverb 22:6 “Train up a child in a way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

I lived under masking foolishly and looked like I had it together, conflicted within as I was controlled by urges and blinded by pride to normalise my behaviours. My emotional blindness continually surfaced in my parenting journey. In as much as I was teaching my child good ways of living, I struggled to lead by example. I was saddened to see some repetition of my emotional behaviours from my child. Hypocritically teaching him the good deeds I struggled to present. I was losing a grasp and unaware that I was slowly burying his positive innocent spirit and I needed to bring him back.

Had I not taken steps to transformation, I would be still sadly captured by the old past. That would have kept the wounds of past displeasures alive, and my son would have grown to become a reflection of my past internal turmoil. I needed to change myself first with the purpose of bringing him back whilst still very young. Forgiveness and healing allowed opportunity of starting over. I stepped into the foundation phase of learning, to flex my mind and be willing to learn all of that from the child. I observed the child positive qualities from my son first and embed those qualities back to him.  Learning how to revive my weakened childlike minded qualities from my child (Luke 18: Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it”) empowered me to continually be able to lead him by example and break free from the generational curses of the past.

If we can stop judging ourselves harshly and start loving ourselves, we would be aware that our transformation is not only about us, but mostly to save our children. Our children are the future, tomorrow belongs to them and we need to plant good seeds in them. God wants us to remain undefeated. He wants us to be overcomers of adversities. When we reach barriers, He wants us to always find another way wisely, and sail in our detours boldly and determined. The goal is to be cooperative to phases of transformation and always remember the good God had done (bitter water made sweet, bread from heaven, water from the rock etc), for us to not waiver in our transitional passage.

We are the change makers, making this world a better place for generations to come, and taking the guardianship role positively. Since, it is not only about us but mostly them. And, let us model qualities we would be proud to see our children follow.

Let Us Embrace The Change.

May We All Stay Blessed

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